Learn how to combat bias during the interview and make better hiring decisions

Stop hoping that making people aware of their bias is enough to make them go away. Rely on the most up to date interviewing best practices to set hiring managers up for success.

  • Increase accuracy and reduce bias

    Hiring managers learn strategies for how to reduce bias and increase their success rate for identifying and hiring the best candidates.

  • Industry leading interview questions

    Get five free behavioural interview questions and scoring guides to measure important transferable job skills, including adaptability, customer centric, planning and organizing, problem solving, and teamwork.

  • Increase diversity and inclusion

    Hire more diverse candidates using fair and inclusive interviewing techniques.

  • Create a positive candidate experience

    Hiring managers learn how to answer candidate’s questions with ease and ensure that the candidate wants to work for your organization.

Learn interviewing best practices now and as needed

The last thing you want to do is make interviewing complicated or rely on interviewing tip sheets that get lost in hiring managers’ inboxes. With our online interview training modules, hiring managers can develop or revisit their skills as needed.

  • Easy and convenient just-in-time learning

    Hiring managers learn interviewing skills at their own pace and in their own time.

  • Engaging and easy to understand

    Practical examples help hiring managers to stop worrying that they are asking illegal or misleading questions and help them to deal with common interview challenges.

  • Save time and money

    Whether they are new to interviewing or just need a refresher, hiring managers can learn how to prepare for, conduct, and score structured behavioural interview questions.

  • Increase hiring managers’ confidence

    Hiring managers can revisit the training at any time allowing them to feel more confident in their interviewing skills and ultimately their hiring decisions.

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What Clients Are Saying

“This training really helped me to reflect on what I have been doing well and what I have been doing wrong during previous interviews. I felt more confident in my ability to ask interview questions and ultimately decide which candidate to hire.”

Hiring Manager

“The training was very informative and had the perfect format and duration. I hadn’t conducted an interview in over 2 months. The refresher module helped me to remind myself very quickly of what I needed to do to prepare for the interview and how to approach it. ”

Hiring Manager

“I liked the specific examples. I knew that there were certain interview questions that I should avoid but I wasn’t always sure of what types of questions I should be using instead. I came away from this training with a better understanding of what types of questions I should use and when to use them. ”

Hiring Manager